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Interior Painting & Renovation

Our Interior Painting and Renovation service is design to meet variety of needs for both commercial and residential properties.


We go beyond just a painting job and prepare all the wall by fixing any imperfection and plastering them before priming them for painting. Our well train staff can re-move wall paper, will hang borders In addition to drywall, taping, and sanding needs that may be required. 


These are just some of the finishes IQ Painting can perform on prep-ed walls: faux finishes, positive ragging sponging, stripping, leather, combing, textured coatings, wood staining, murals.  

Residential and Commercial
  • Priming and painting

  • Picking suitable colours and finish

  • Brush / roller or spray gun 

  • Drywall repair

  • Staining and varnishing

  • Caulking and sealing

  • Restoration

  • Wood stripping

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IQ Painting - Painting and renovation

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